Pet Rats – Female’s Vs Male’s

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Female’s Vs Male’s – Which One Should I Buy?

Like us female and male rats have differences, you should keep this in mind when you decide the sex of your future fur babies.
Females tend to be smaller, a lot more playful, they like to explore more and are less cuddly then males. Males tend to be bigger, much lazyier and enjoy cuddling more then females. This is not strictly across the board as each rat is different but it is usually the case.
Female rats can be more prone to tumours. This is due to genetics and to their hormones, so they should be checked over regularly.
Males do tend to be a bit smellier then females, but depending on the litter used, how many you have and how often you clean their cage can all play a part in this.
Females also go on heat every 3-5 days and start becoming sterile around 18 months of age, Males are able to breed there whole life :p
Males can sometimes become aggressive when they reach around 8 months of age due to hormones, but from what I am told having them spayed (neutered) can help with this, just make sure you pick a vet who is upto date and confident in doing the proccedure.

Some “myth” about rats are:
“Having more then one male in a cage will make them fight. This is not true at all! Rats will do some rough play inorder to establish the alfa male of the cage, the common rule is “no blood, no foul” but otherwise having more the one male wont lead to fighting unless there is a hormonal or genetic issue.
“Males and females have to be caged in seperate rooms”. This is also not true! As long as they are in seperate cages and are not able to get into each others cages, they can be kept in the same room with out any problems.