Pet Rats – Different Types of Colours

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Different Types of Colours

Here in Australia our variety of rat types is expending everyday, but in comparison to other countries like the U.K and the U.S.A, our variety’s are limited.
Australia is yet to develop varieties such as Dumbo, Himalayan, Siamese, Burmese, Roan, Husky etc.
Thankfully in Australia we DON’T have any of the deadly diseases in our rats like other countries such as Sendai, Corona, and Megacolon.
Below are the different Colour variety’s we have in Australia.

For a better understanding of Rat Genetics click – HERE

We would love to be able to be able to continue adding to each Colour slide with the different varieties of each Colour and how different things like age can change the way a Colour looks, So if you have a rat who’s Colour is a different shade to the pics that are already there and you would like to share it with us, Please up load them to our interactive section or email them to with your rats name, sex, age, colour, coat type and your name or the name you would like to be referred to as owner 🙂 Thank you in advance 🙂

Below you will find the descriptions and photos for the following Colours:

Agouti (ticked hairs)

Agouti (AA or Aa)
Cinnamon (A*mm)
Blue Agouti (A*dd)
Chocolate Agouti (A*??)

Fawn/Topaz (A*rr)
Argente (A*mmrr)
RE Blue Agouti (A*ddrr)
RE Chocolate Agouti (A*??rr)

Silverfawn (A*pp)
Apricot (A*ppmm)
Blue Silverfawn ?? (A*ddpp)
PE Chocolate Agouti (A*??pp)

Non-Agouti (solid hairs)

Black (aa)
Mink (aamm)
Blue (aadd)
Chocolate (aa??)

Buff (aarr)
Dove (aammrr)
RE Blue (aaddrr)
RE Chocolate (aa??rr)

Champagne (aapp)
Mink Champagne (aappmm)
Blue Champagne (aaddpp)
PE Chocolate ?? (aa??pp)


Black Eyed White (BEW)

Ruby Eyed White (REW)

Pink Eyed White (PEW)

Odd Eyed White (OEW)

Agouti (ticked hairs)

Agouti – AA true Agouti, Aa Agouti carrying Black

Often referred to as the “wild rat” colour, Agouti rats have a ticked coat that appears to be a browny grey colour with black guard hairs, with a lighter grey belly and they have black eyes. Agouti is a dominant colour and their coats can become a rusted brown/yellow colour.

Cinnamon – (Mink Agouti) A*mm

Cinnamon rats have black eyes and brown guard hairs, and there colour is often called caramel. They have ticked coats usually appearing caramel/tan brown colour. They have a mink cap when the go through their moult. Cinnamon is a diluted form of Agouti.

Blue Agouti (A*dd)

Blue Agoutis have black eyes and Blue guard hairs but their coats are ticked orange and blue.

Blue Cinnamon

Blue Cinnamons have black eyes and their guard hairs match their coat, their coat colour is a Blue base with orange tips and their coats are ticked blue and orange

Chocolate Agouti (A*??)

Information Coming 🙂

Fawn – (Ruby Eyed Agouti) A*rr

This colour is often called Topaz or Peach, the coat is ticked and comes in rich orange to ginger shades. They have Ruby coloured eyes and a distinctive slate grey undercoat and grey guard hairs. They are often confused with Argente, but can be told apart by the different undercoat colour (Argente has a creamy white coloured undercoat).

Argente – (Ruby Eyed Mink Agouti) A*mmrr

Argente is often confused with Cinnamon and Fawn. You can tell the difference between Argente and Cinnamon because Argentes have ruby eyes and a lack of dark guard hairs and you can tell the difference between Argenet and Fawn because Argente have a creamy white undercoat and orange guard hairs.

RE Blue Agouti (A*ddrr)

Information Coming 🙂

Blue Argente

Blue Argentes have Ruby and their guard hairs match their coat and their coat colour is a blue base and blue tips with a yellowish colour in the middle, their coats are ticked a blue and yellow colour.

RE Chocolate Agouti (A*??rr)

Information Coming 🙂

Silverfawn – (Pink Eyed Agouti) A*pp

Silverfawn rats are a soft/pale apricot colour with a cream undercoat and an evenly silvery cream ticked coat and guard hairs and pink eyes.

Apricot (A*ppmm)

Information Coming 🙂

Blue Silverfawn ?? (A*ddpp)

Information Coming 🙂

PE Chocolate Agouti ?? (A*??pp)

Information Coming 🙂

Non-Agouti (Solid hairs)

Black – aa

Black rats are usually dark and glossy although they do come in different shades of black, some looking more of a chocolate colour, and they have black eyes and guard hairs. Their Black coats are usually silvered, some more than others, and they can rust to a red/brown colour.

Mink – (Mink Black) aamm

Mink rat coat colour can vary from a warm dark grey brown to a warm light grey brown colour that can some times be confused as blue, till you see the colours up against each other. They have black eyes and their coats can sometimes be silvered.

Blue – (aadd)

Blue rats have Black Eyes and are commonly mistaken for mink or dove rats, but they can easily be told apart by their slate Blue cool colour, where minks have a warmer tone to them and doves are much paler.

Blue Mink

Blue Minks have black eyes and their guard hairs match their coats, their coat colour is more of a solid Bluey grey which appears more of a grey against a straight Blue.

Chocolate (aa??)

Chocolate rats have Black Eyes and their colour ranges from a dark rich chocolate colour to a softer cocoa colour. As this is a fairly new gene to Australia so we are still unsure as to how it works, but it appears to be co-dominant. Carriers of the gene usually start of chocolate but as they get older they seem to appear more of a dark chocolate/black, Rat who have 2 copies of the gene (both parents have chocolate gene) seem to hold the chocolate colour better through out there lives.

Buff – (Ruby Eyed Black) aarr

Buff rats have ruby eyes and their coats are a warm beige colour with guard hairs that match their coat. Often confused with Dove.

Dove – (Ruby Eyed Mink Black) aammrr

Dove rats get confused with light grey Minks as their colour is very similar, but Dove is generally paler and can be told apart by the Dove’s ruby eyes. Shades of Dove go from a silvery grey blue to a pale browny grey with pale grey guard hairs. Dove is also often confused with Buff but there colour usually has a more cooler tone to it then the Buffs warmer Beige colour.

RE Blue (aaddrr)

Blue Dove is a another Blue dilute, you can see the cool blue coming through the Dove colour.

RE Chocolate (aa??rr)

Information Coming 🙂

Champagne – (Pink Eyed Black) aapp

Champagne rats have pink eyes and a warm creamy off-white colour to a light pinkish grey coloured coat. Their colour can sometimes be hard to tell apart from white on Champagne Hooded and Berkshire rats.

Mink Champagne

Mink Champagne are often confused with albino rats until they are put up against each other. They then look more like a dirty white. It is also easy to tell a Mink Champagne colour from a Champagne colour as its got more of soft grey tone instead of the soft pink tone.

Blue Champagne?? (aaddpp)

Information Coming 🙂

PE Chocolate ?? (aa??pp)

Information Coming 🙂


Black Eyed White (BEW nn)

Black Eyed White/BEW have a pure white coat and Black Eyes

Ruby Eyed White/REW

Ruby Eyed White/REW have a pure white coat and Ruby Eyes

Albino/Pink Eyed White (PEW cc)

Albino or Pink Eyed White/PEW have a pure white coat and pink eyes.

Odd Eyed White/OEW

Odd Eyed White/OEW have a pure white coat with usually one Ruby Eye and one Black eye.